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 Transpoint Trucking Inc. Office
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Transpoint Trucking Inc. Office

Transpoint Trucking Inc. was founded in December of 2003 by CEO, Johan "Joni" Sontag. We provide services for the Virtual Trucking Industry and currently are the leading Virtual Trucking Company in the United States today! Transpoint Trucking Inc. started out as a one man virtual trucking company in Miami, Florida but has now grown to a trucking empire of several hundred trucks and trailers and around 30 office workers. We move freight throughout North America, including the continental US, Canada, and parts of Mexico. Your needs are suited with our wide spread range of services. Our divisions offer the moving of all kinds of cargo. From moving a fragile load of eggs, heavy loads like mobile homes, or even construction equipment, to moving your livestock clear across North America. Recent trailer purchases has given Transpoint Trucking inc. the possibility to haul anything our customers need.

Transpoint Trucking Inc. is expanding throughout all of the United States. We currently have offices on both sides of the United States. One of our offices is in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada. This is our main headquarters where we are contacted through out North America. Our second office is located in the heart of Miami, FL. Transpoint Trucking Inc. is constantly making large investments in warehouses to make sure a positive growth for the future. If you are a driver, or looking to become a driver, you have come to the right place! We are currently hiring both Company drivers and Owner/Operators. Transpoint Trucking Inc. offers an excellent pay scale and only operate the newest and top-of-the-line equipment. Our payscale increases for the more miles you have.

Our current pay scale for company drivers is as follows: Our current pay scale for owner/operators is as follows:
00000 - 20000 Miles = 0.30/Mile 00000 - 20000 Miles = 1.05/Mile
20001 - 40000 Miles = 0.35/Mile 20001 - 40000 Miles = 1.50/Mile
40001 - 60000 Miles = 0.40/Mile 40001 - 60000 Miles = 2.00/Mile
60001 - 80000 Miles = 0.47/Mile 60001 - 80000 Miles = 2.25/Mile
80001 - 120000 Miles = 0.55/Mile 80001 - 120000 Miles = 2.75/Mile
120001 Miles and up = 0.61/Mile 120001 Miles and up = 3.00/Mile

For owner/operators note: All expenses you incur will be payed from your own salary/money. You will also have to pay insurance, truck services, etc... Transpoint Trucking Inc. will also keep a record of all money you have made/lost for your own reference. It will also be kept private and only be viewed by you or, if required, some type of federal group, of course by you and/or your attorney's permission.

In conclusion, if you are a virtual company in need of ground transportation system contact us right away! Our professional management team will take care you and your delivery needs.

A great way to start your virtual career with us is to take a spin at our company forums. There is a lot of registered members there and a lot of useful information for you to read. Remember that you can always ask for help if you need it. Once again the best way is to ask on the forums, we do not recommend that you pm your questions to the staff members, instead write a public question on the forums so that everyone will be able to help. Admins and staff of this company are busy and might not have the chance to reply to you even if they wanted to.

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