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 Transpoint Trucking inc. Million Mile Club
-Members of the TTI Million Mile Club

Driver Recognition

Only the very best professional drivers are allowed to drive for Transpoint Trucking inc.. And as a result, we have a reputation as one of the leading virtual trucking companies in the world and one of the lowest driver turnover ratios in our industry. A driver stays with Transpoint Trucking Inc. an average of three times longer than with other virtual trucking companies.

Transpoint Trucking Inc. values and acknowledges the years of service, professionalism, safety and productivity of our drivers with several recognition programs.

Once a driver has exceeded 1 million career miles driven, they join the Million-Mile Club. Decals are added to their truck to recognize this achievement.

Our Company also identifies a Driver of the Month and Driver of the Year.

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 Latest news

Here is a list of the current members of the million mile club:

Driver jig 1930 at 4,437,831 miles

Driver Siqueira Gilberto at 3,137,758 miles

Driver Michel Cloutier at 3,069,443 miles

Driver Dean Myers at 2,714,042 miles

Driver Claudiu Fercu at 2,014,933 miles

Driver Ryan Holzwarth at 1,819,158 miles

Driver Merlin Quam at 1,386,092 miles

Driver Joel Stringer at 1,377,312 miles

Driver Johan Sontag at 1,277,222 miles

Driver Joshua Freeman at 1,182,902 miles

Driver cory whittles at 1,117,720 miles

Driver Christian Henriksson at 1,055,132 miles

Driver Sean Sammut at 1,003,019 miles

Driver Chad Chaloner at 1,000,100 miles