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 Transpoint Trucking Inc. Management

On this page you will find a list of members currently working in the management area of Transpoint Trucking Inc. You can also find all contact information for these members here.

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TTI Management

Chief Executive Officer: Johan "Joni" Sontag

Johan Sontag is the founder and CEO of Transpoint Trucking Inc. and has been actively involved with the company since starting it in the 4th quarter of 2003. He has totaled 1.2 million miles in the 18WoS games with most being in PTTM and is ninth in the Top 25 Drivers. When asked why he started the company, he states, "Because I really enjoy trucks and this just seemed like a really good idea. Now it's like a 2nd family to me."

XFire ID: jonisontag (Add as a Friend)

President and Partner/Forum Administrator: Warren "norseman" Johnson

Warren Johnson is the President of Transpoint Trucking Inc. He joined the company in early 2005 as a company driver and later on was promoted to manage the company's fleet of trucks and trailers. At the beginning of his second year with the company, he was awarded the Driver of the Year award for 2005 and offered a partnership.

XFire ID: norseman1501 (Add as a Friend)

Executive Vice President/Forum Administrator: Jack "borntobetrucker" Boyd

Jack Boyd is currently a very active member of Transpoint Trucking Inc. and has been involved with the company since January of 2006. He replaced Wayne "Mavrick265" Farnsworth as Executive VP in 2009. Jack spends his free time in flight school, dirt biking, and in college. He hopes to one day get on with the Los Angeles Police Department to start his career in Law Enforcement. Jack is also in charge of all addon divisions of TTI, most notably the Air Division also known as Freedom Airways.

XFire ID: c130futurepilot (Add as a Friend)

Fleet Maintenance Manager/Forum Administrator: Apostolos "Nisman" Avgerinakis

Nisman joined TTI in January of 2007 and has logged a total of 627,247 miles, earning him the 20th spot in the Top 25 Drivers. He is currently the Fleet Maintenance Manager and Vice President of TTI at Trukz. He had this to say as to why he enjoys being in the company:
Well, first of all, I like that here we are like a family, we help each other, and most of all we are kind to each other (most times at least). I like that everyone from the staff is eager to help and do his job, and that the suggestions we make are usually heard by Joni (or any other admin, including myself). Also one great thing of TTI is that the whole community evolves and doesn't rest on it's laurels.

Xfire ID: nisman85 (Add as a Friend)

Forum Administrator: Christian Henriksson

Christian joined TTI in 2006 with a couple off times since then. He has logged an impressive 907,000 miles and is 14th in the Top 25 Drivers.

Real Estate Manager/Freedom Airways Pilot: Chad "chadreif" Reif

Chad joined TTI in March of 2010; he gained Owner/Operator status on March 23rd, 2010. He was promoted to Real Estate Manager on June 10th, 2010, and then also is a staff member of Freedom Airways. He currently has 129,279 miles logged with Transpoint Trucking. Away from TTI Chad is pursuing a career as an Engineer on ships and supply vessels

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Trukz Management:Claudiu "fercuclaudiu" Fercu

Cladiu joined TTI in January of 2006 and is currently sixth in the Top 25 Drivers with 1,748,453 miles. He is also a member of the Trukz management team.

Xfire ID: fercucladiu (Add as a Friend)

Dealership Manager: ShootingStar

Global Moderator/Freedom Airways KMIA Hub Manager: Allen "Memphis" White

Allen joined TTI in August 2007. He was promoted to Dispatcher in 2008, to Moderator in July of 2009, and to Global Moderator in June of 2010. He is currently enrolled in a dual-major Associates degree program in the fields of Network Security and Digital Forensics and, after graduation, hopes to pursue a career in the field of computer forensics and one day work for the real NCIS since he's a huge fan of the show.

Xfire ID: crazeedriver2005 (Add as a Friend)

Moderator: Cody "Dcving" Pickoski

---Bio being written for Dc---

Xfire ID: ttidcving (Add as a Friend)

Moderator: Norman "normpearii" Pearson

Norm has been here since October of 2006 and has logged ~201,943 miles to date. He has previously held Developer and Assistant Manager positions.

Xfire ID: the18wosdealer (Add as a Friend)

Moderator: Dean "Redneck44" Myers

Dean joined TTI in March of 2007, gained Owner/Operator status on April 22 of the same year, promoted to Dispatcher in January 2010, and then to Moderator in July of 2010. He is currently fourth in the Top 25 Drivers with a total of 2,552,000 miles so far and he doesn't plan to stop anytime soon. Dean likes TTI most for it's realism. "You can be a truck driver without all the headaches," he says.

Xfire ID: redneck43 (Add as a Friend)

Dispatch Manager/Human Resources/Freedom Air KLAS Hub Manager: Adam

---Waiting on Adam's bio---

Xfire ID: futuretrucker (Add as a Friend)

Dispatcher/Freedom Airways Operations Manager: Dan "canman" May

Dan has been with TTI since December of 2007 and was promoted to Dispatcher in 2008. He has logged nearly 100,000 miles with the company. Dan is a major Chuck aficionado, but truth be told he mainly watches it to see Yvonne Strahovski on a weekly basis.

XFire ID: dancanman (Add as a friend?)

Dispatcher/Freedom Airways Pilot: legomanjcg

Lego joined TTI back in May of 2007 and was promoted to Dispatcher in 2008. He has logged a total of 396,000 miles with TTI so far.

Xfire ID: legomanjcg (Add as a Friend)

Dispatcher: Joel "EZz" Stringer

Joel originally joined the company in March of 2007 but took a brief hiatus and rejoined mid-2009. He was promoted to Dispatcher in January of 2010. EZz has logged nearly 1,377,000 miles in his virtual trucking career and is currently eighth in the Top 25 Drivers. Due to being shot in 1981, Joel was left paralyzed from the breast down and had to end his real-life trucking career. His injury however did not make him give up on living life to its fullest. He joined TTI because it is as close as he could get back into trucking.

Xfire ID: EZjoelp (Add as a Friend)

Dispatcher: Mark "mark39"

Mark has been a member of TTI since July of 2007 and currently has 291,194 miles with the company. He is also the owner of Mark's Trucking Emporium.

Dispatcher: Shan Ghias

Shan has been with the company since March of 2008. His total accrual of 649,870 miles has put him in nineteenth place in the Top 25 Drivers. The things Shan likes most about TTI is the people and the great support system.

Xfire ID: seanrocksoutloud (Add as a Friend)

TTI Weatherman: Josh "Speed" Freeman

Josh has been with the company for roughly 2 12 years. He attained a dispatcher position a while back shortly before a sudden unexpected absence. He is in charge of the graphics and layout of the TTI newsletter and also the company weatherman. Josh's current total of 1,182,902 miles has earned him the tenth position in the Top 25 Drivers.

XFire ID: iceroad91 (Add as a Friend)

Newsletter-Admin Q & A, New Things to TTI, Polls: Travis "Rubberduck" Corey

Travis has been with TTI since March of 2009 and has logged a total of 394,936 miles in his career so far, all in Haulin'. He is currently a newsletter editor responsible for three areas of the newsletter and also a member of the TTI at Trukz management team. Travis says he likes TTI most for its ''professionalism and being like a real trucking company."

XFire ID: jfduck (Add as a Friend)

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TTI Veterans

In this section, we honor those members who have been with the company since its early days and have since retired or otherwise stepped down from their staff positions.

Wayne "Mavrick265" Farnsworth

Wayne Farnsworth has been involved with the company since the beginning of 2004. He started out as an O/O and was later promoted to Vice President. In the 1st part of 2005, he officially became a partner and Executive Vice President. Wayne remained in that position until 2009 when he announced his retirement and Jack Boyd took his place. He accrued a total of 511,396 miles and is 22nd in the Top 25 Drivers.

Brian "Jig1930","bingoking303" Gosse

Brian Gosse was hired as a company driver in May 2006 and was TTI's Driver of the Year for 2007. He has accrued 4,216,303 miles, the most of anyone in the company to date. Brian served as a Global Moderator on the forum and also Lead Dispatcher until late 2009 when he announced that he was stepping down from those positions. In addition to being a TTI Veteran, he currently serves as a Dispatcher.

Michel "magoo043" Cloutier

Michel joined TTI in November 2005. He was two time Driver of the Month for November and December 2005, respectively. At the end of January 2006 Michel was promoted to Dealership Manager and in February 2007 he was appointed as the Dealership Manager as well. He served in both of these positions until his retirement in 2009. Michel drove a total of 3,069,443 miles and is second behind Brian in the Top 25 Drivers.

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  Board of Directors

Transpoint Trucking Inc. has recently chosen a board of directors to help in making decisions within the company.

Current members of the board are;

Johan Sontag
Wayne Farnsworth
Warren Johnson
Jack Boyd

For our current staff positions, please go to Staff Openings