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 Transpoint Trucking Inc. FAQ

Transpoint Trucking Inc. FAQ Page

We will from time to time post here the most Frequently Asked Questions and answers reguarding both Transpoint Trucking Inc., the Hard Truck series, and Deer Hunter 2005.

-What is this all about?

Transpoint Trucking Inc. is a VTC (Virtual Trucking Company). This VTC is based on the 18wos series of PC games. We are a non-profit Virtual Company and it´s free of cost to join us. You only have to go to our "Join us" page to register and after that just follow the instructions. This is just an online hobby and there is no real money involved.

-I signed up, now what?

Now you have created an account. You can login to your account on our main site (The form in the upper right corner). When you registered you got a confirmation about your password and the driver ID can be found by going to the "Employees" page and searching the name you registered with. Just insert your Driver ID on the first line in the form and the password in the second and click login. Once you are logged in you will see that the login form has now changed into a number. This is your driver ID and by clicking the number you are able to access the members area. There you will have the possibility to change your information and submit logbooks.

-What is a log book?

Well with the logbook you are able to send us the information about the loads that you have hauled in the game. All you need to do is find out the miles that you have driven and fill out the log book in the members area. After that your logbook will be added and you will be paid "virtual dollars" for it.

-How can I change truck?

You are only able to change truck either by switching to Owner Operator (You need to have 50,000 driven miles) or if your truck has logged over 200,000 miles. You can always contact the CEO of the company if you want to change for another reason.....

-I´m signed to a truck but I don´t like it in the game, what can I do?

There is nothing you need to do because you can use any truck you want in the game. Which means that even if it says on the website that you drive a Volvo you can still use a Pete in the game if you want. We do not want to make your gaming experience worse so that´s why we have chosen to do this like we do.

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 Latest news

Transpoint has opened it´s own Hunting club called Transpoint hunting club. All employees are welcome to participate in this fun event online. We currently use the game Deer Hunter 2005 and we host games every now and then. If you are interested in hunting then please go to our hunting page for more info about this subject.