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 Transpoint Trucking Inc. Driver Awards

Transpoint Trucking Inc. Driver awards

As any other good employer Transpoint Trucking Inc. remembers those who have worked hard to make the company succeed and stand out as the best Virtual Trucking Company.

We currently give out two different awards, "The Driver of the month award" and "The Driver of the year award". The driver of the month award will be given to the one who has been the best employee in the past month and the driver of the year award will be awarded to the employee who has been the best in the past 12 months.

To get one of these awards you have to be an active member, not only submit lots of log books but also be active in other ways like the forum for example.

The Employee of the Month January, 2007 is:

Announcement Soon

Previous winners:
March, 2007:
February, 2007:
January, 2007:
December, 2006:
November, 2006:
October, 2006:
September, 2006:
August, 2006: Brian "bingoking303" Gosse
July, 2006: Justin08
June, 2006: Brian "bingoking303" Gosse
May, 2006: Brian "bingoking303" Gosse
April, 2006: "farmingredneck"
March, 2006: John Hernandez
February, 2006: Christian Henriksson
January, 2006: "bammsmitty"
December, 2005: Michel "Magoo" Cloutier
November, 2005: Michel "Magoo" Cloutier
October, 2005: Lasse "Scaniaboy" Kristoffersen
September, 2005: Jeremy "TruckerDude" Greggson
August, 2005: Hugo "Hugh79" Rioux
July, 2005: Thomas "hattdaddy" Lassiter
June, 2005: Warren "norseman" Johnson
May, 2005: Tom "TheViking" Syvertsen
April, 2005: Warren Johnson
March, 2005: Bluemule
February, 2005: Muscho Finn
January, 2005: Joni
December 2004: Wayne "Mavrick265" Farnsworth
November 2004: Bluemule
October 2004: Thomas "hattdaddy" Lassiter
September 2004: Patricia Morris
August 2004: Keith Stokes
July 2004: Baer
June 2004: Gordon Gekko
May 2004: Steven
April 2004: Nik
March 2004: Cowboy
February 2004: Thomas Lassiter
January 2004: Bluemule
December 2003: Stuart

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 Latest news

Transpoint Trucking Inc. Employee of the year 2006:Brian "BingoKing303" Gosse

Transpoint Trucking Inc. Employee of the year 2005:Norseman

Transpoint Trucking Inc. Employee of the year 2004:Mavrick265

From 02.04.2007 forwards all updates to the awards page will be done by "Mavrick265"