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New Log Contest from Mavrick Trucking.

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 Welcome to Transpoint Trucking incorporated - VTC
-A virtual trucking company dedicated for the trucksim fans

Welcome to Transpoint Trucking inc. VTC

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Welcome to Virtual Transpoint Trucking Incorporated, we are a virtual trucking company for the games 18WOS AA, 18WOS PTTM, 18WOS CONVOY, 18WOS Haulin, 18WOS American Long Haul and Euro Truck Simulator. We here at Transpoint Trucking Inc. strive on realism and we are willing to do anything to achive it. We provide services threw out North America Incl. USA, Canada and Mexico but most of the business is done in The US of A. Currently the most actively used game is Pedal to the Metal but Convoy is also actively involved. Our company is here to provide a fun addition to your gaming experiense. All the money that is involved in this company are virtual and no real money will ever be a part of this site. In other words you can not earn real money here, everything is virtual.

Organization is the key to any company, even in the virtual world of trucking. Transpoint Trucking Inc. strives to be the best online trucking company in the world. Without the hard work from the staff and all of the employees, our company would crumble around us. Thanks to the dedicated staff here at Transpoint Trucking inc. we are constantly moving forward with technology. Technology, Some may ask what possible good is it for the trucking industry? The answer is almost everything. We use some of the most advanced technology on our website, our programs, and even our wonderful trucks. Frequent updates, friendly staff, and a great environment, are just some of the things to expect here at Transpoint Trucking Inc. Transpoint Trucking Inc. grows everyday, with new drivers, staff, and even new technology found. After a couple years on the Internet with a basic website, we decided to exceed in this area. Advanced features were implemented. Including member profiles, Transpoint Trucking Inc. vDealership, vReal Estate, vCDL, and much, much more. The website is currently in the development stages, which is something that may never change as the technology advances, so does Transpoint Trucking Inc. website. But continued visual updates will be made frequently to keep your interest high here. We intend on serving both our customers and our employees to the fullest.

People from all walks of life has joined this company, some of us are retired, some are still in school, some have a top career aso. We are all different but there is one thing that is connecting us, the passion for trucks and everything that has something to do with trucks. Come join us today and have some fun.

2/4/2007 TTI now recruiting staff
As Transpoint Trucking Inc. keeps growing everyday and new innovative ideas pop up on a daily bases, we are now looking to expand our Staff. Ofcourse we are always looking for new drivers but now there is a huge demand of new behind the scenes staff who are willing to contribute their time and skills for this community. Please note that these positions will require a lot of work and most importantly dedication towards this hobby. If you feel like you have what it takes to become a staff member of TTI then please visit the Staff recruting page. I do want to remind everyone considering these positions that we do not want to sign on staff members that will disappear in a month, we need a staff that is willing to stay here with us threw the good and the bad. If you feel like this could be you then please go check out the open positions and contact us today. There are some requirements for the positions so make sure you read them BEFORE applying. There are a lot of new things coming and there is no way our current staff can take care of us so please help out if you feel like you can.
CEO of Transpoint Trucking Inc. Johan Sontag

The first drive event of TTI last weekend was a success and therefore we are allready planning on holding another one. No date or time has been set yet but you can expect a drive event within 3 weeks from now and be prepared to drive on a Sunday because as it sems, Sundays are the best days for events like this. Last time we had a chat room on xfire where people were able to join and everything seemed to work out really smoothly that way so you can expect to see the same next time. What I learned from last time was that 2 hours seemed to be just perfect when it comes to the time the event should be up. 3 hours seemed to get a little too long for some people and to be honest, that´s what I think too. Once again we will schedule the event so that people from North America and Europe will have a reasonable time because most of our members are from those 2 continentals. You can read more details about this event on the forums in the near future.

Johan Sontag

Latest News: 9/2/2007
Transpoint Trucking Inc. would like to congratulate Brian "BingoKing303" Gosse on winning Employee of the Year for 2006. Eversince Brian first joined TTI, he has been a very active member and a very helping member over on the forums. He is also the #1 on the list of million mile drivers which is another way to see his activity in this company. This award is always given to the member with the best overall concerning activity on the site and activity over on the forums. Go ahead and congratulate him over on the forum. The whole staff at TTI would like to say "Nice job Brian and keep up the great work".

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Ryan Holzwarth1,948,880.00
Warren Scott1,569,930.00
Merlin Quam1,386,092.00
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Johan Sontag1,288,548.00
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